A few days ago, Ramjas College was in news as violence erupted after students from Delhi University colleges and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) congregated outside Ramjas with the intention to hold a protest march against the RSS-backed ABVP student group.

When the clash got violent, heavy police was deployed in the Maurice Nagar area, Delhi University, to control the situation. By the evening, the every media correspondents and camera persons had reached the spot. But what the media witnessed there was even worse than the ongoing clashes.

In the process of neutralising the situation, police started detaining students from both the groups. The force also used lathis to manage the crowd.

But what made the situation worse was that male cops were seen brutally beating up and roughly touching the female college students. Shockingly, even after the presence of women officers at the site, they remained mute spectators and male officers man-handled girls. They were punched, pushed and humiliated.

The police did not stop at just beating the female students; they even made arrests of girls after 6:30pm which is absolutely illegal as per the law.

Police were seen harshly abiding Section 46 of the Constitution which does not even allow male police officers to touch a woman even if an arrest needs to be made. And when women need to be arrested, it needs to be done by women police officers. And no female

Among all the media channels including Times Of India and The Hindustan Times, there was a cameraman from ‘The Quint’ as well who recorded all the gruesome act of Delhi Police.

In the video, two male police officers can be seen punching a woman student over and over again. She is seen surrounded by male police officers who are trying to push her into a police van. The incident took place at nearly 6:30 pm.